Service: Capacity Building of Stakeholders in Hybrid Rice Technologies AHyRA January 26, 2022


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Capacity Building of Stakeholders in Hybrid Rice Technologies

capabilities and systems for quality assurance and control (QA/QC). Most of the private seed companies in Africa are small to medium in their operations and lack these requirements. AHyRA is therefore working in tandem with these companies to establish functional quality management systems (QMS) within their seed production and processing operations.

  • To ensure the maintenance of product integrity, identity, and purity AHyRA;
  • Develops Quality Management System (QMS) plans
  • Implements QMS plans with seed companies
  • Conducts genetic purity testing and maintenance and
  • Develops and implements audit plans

One of the biggest challenges limiting Hybrid rice technology in Africa is the inadequate capacity for the develop of hybrid rice and seed production. Therefore, AHyRA is training breeders and seed production specialists for the sustainable development and commercialization of hybrid rice technology.

To implement this, a training Hub has been established to enable personnel from partnering seed companies to learn the science of hybrid rice breeding and seed production from experts. At the end of each training, the trainees will return to their respective companies with the materials they have developed as their proprietary germplasm for the continuation of breeding. Also, seed companies are trained on the use of digital tools to improve seed production and business.

Extension officers act as the link in the process of communicating the latest agricultural knowledge to farmers. AHyRA therefore strengthens their capacity for the effective use of hybrid rice seeds towards improving farmers’ productivity.