Service: Licensing and Creation of Business and Market Linkages AHyRA January 26, 2022


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Licensing and Creation of Business and Market Linkages

Licensing of germplasm among seed companies including SMEs
AHyRA will facilitate access to and licensing of elite germplasm and rice hybrids from developing partners to other private seed companies for seed production and marketing. Considering the fact that there are different categories of seed companies, AHyRA is licensing rice hybrids in three formats:
  • Licence from developer to other seed companies for continuous development, seed production and marketing
  • License from one seed company to another for seed production and marketing
  • Licensing from seed companies to another for sales and marketing
AHyRA product allocation committee licenses germplasm to partner seed companies after which the respective seed companies will continue to invest into the testing process towards official commercial release of the hybrids of interest. This will give companies the rights to produce and market the hybrids released and branded under their name.
Facilitate linkages between seed companies, millers, and farmers

To encourage adoption of hybrid rice, AHyRA will link millers to seed companies that can supply seed to their farmer groups to ensure sustainable and regular availability of good quality and uniform grains. Farmers and farmers’ groups will also be linked to millers and aggregators using contractual agreements. This model will help farmers to have readily available uptake of their produce.